Storekeeper Needed in Genvaco, Dubai


Storekeeper Job in Genvaco, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Job Type: Full-time.

Job Description:

The storekeeper will receive stores and issue out supplies and equipment. He/She will also compile transaction records, very supplies received, and list them on requisitions and invoices. The Storekeeper will also ensure and store supplies and equipment in the storerooms and also issue supplies.

The Storekeeper will also maintain and keep records, receipts, and withdrawals of the stockroom. He/She will also perform other stock-related duties which may include returning, packing, pricing, and labeling supplies.

Also, the storekeeper’s role also includes inspecting deliveries for damages and report them to account for reimbursements.

The storekeeper must ensure adequate record-keeping and management of all documentation to confirm proper stock levels and maintain inventory.

Job Qualifications and Experience:

Our Potential Employee must have qualifications that are relevant to this field, must have knowledge of bookkeeping and inventory management. He/she must be able to make accurate mathematical computations and have good communication skills.

He/She must be competent in data entry, analysis, and management. He must be able to pay attention to details and must be able to safely and legally operate a forklift.

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He/she must have at least a year of experience as a storekeeper and must be able to manage time effectively.

Job Benefits

Our Employee enjoys the benefits listed below:

  • Yearly Two Way Ticket
  • Insurance
  • Free Accommodation
  • Transportation


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